January 3, 2014

Chopperprophets-S2E9 - James Roper-Caldbeck (CustomsfromJamesville)

One night my wife called me over to check out a Panhead that she found on Pintrest. That's right, I said Pintrest. That site dedicated to making you feel like a complete underachiever in life because all the crafts and ideas are simple and amazing?! Anyway, I shuffled over and couldn't believe what I was looking at. On the screen was one of the most beautiful Panheads I'd seen in a while. We clicked around to find out who built it and where it was so we could see more pictures of it. Turns out this beautiful machine would lead me to contact one James Roper-Caldbeck, originally from England now residing in Denmark. It also turns out that James has a hell of a story. Grab a drink and snack and listen in as Jame's takes us on his journey...

Web: customsfromjamesville
Music: Mothership
Edits/Mix: Mike Tubbs
Executive Producer: Heather Tubbs


christiancouzens.com said...

James Roper AKA DIRK PITT. You know who I am, great interview dude. xx


thanks Al

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