A Brief History of CP

It was the summer of 2012...

Just kidding. It was actually the fall of 2012. My wife and I were on a ride down to Encinitas, Ca. with some close friends. We were having some dinner and talking about bikes, riding, and other aspects of chopperin'. My brothers wife leans over and says, "You should do a blog or podcast; something about choppers and interview people or something."

My initial reaction was and I quote "Lamest idea ever." There were/are many excuses why I didn't want to start one, but I couldn't really come up with a valid reason why I shouldn't. Then it hit me... I love motorcycles, mostly noisy, greasy, oil leaking, hand built, choppers, but none the less I love them. After attending my first Born Free, meeting various people, and having an all around great time I realized that I wanted to share this love of two wheels and the people behind the machines with the world.

Chopper Prophets was born almost literally over a 24 hour period, but for everything to come together, it's been quite a ride. As I've recorded casts, read articles, blogs, Instagram posts, and met new people, I've felt this ever increasing desire to spread the gospel of chop. Not just the bikes, the builders, and the events, but the people. The people are what make this culture what it is and they are as unique as the bikes they build and/or ride.

It's not just about those who build or ride though. Chopperin' is a mental state that says "I know how it's supposed to be, but I'm going to do it this way." There are very few differences between a hacker and someone who has this mind set. They both end with something being taken apart and modified. I think that's what I love most of all about the culture.

So, here we are now. The Voice of Chopper Culture... or at least attempting to be.


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