October 28, 2014

Chopper Prophets - Season 3 Update

Sorry for the lack of updates regarding the cast. Family life keeps me busy, work, etc. So, here's where I'm at. Currently, I'm recording and editing episodes for Season 3. I expect to release the first episode by mid November. This season will be mostly video casts. This is new for me, so don't expect HD quality videos with perfect and seamless editing. You will however get to see the person I'm interviewing while listening to the discussion. I'm excited to release this season because I'll be focusing more on people who aren't as well known, but who've supported chopperin' for quite a while. Thanks for your support! -Mike

October 23, 2014

Death Valley Run 2014

Another great video. Thanks for the inspiration Ben!
Death Valley Run 2014 from Ben on Vimeo.

Full Tilt Chopper Show

Great video Brian! #inspiration #alwaysbechopperin
Full Tilt Chopper Show from Brian Durk on Vimeo.

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