July 19, 2014

Chopperprophets Born Free 6 Special

This year I grabbed my trusty iPhone and with pure enthusiasm headed to Born Free 6 for 2 days of awesome chopperin! I'm not going to lie, I was there on a mission to capture a few interviews with some folks I have been meaning to talk with.

These interviews were recorded live at Born Free 6 and I think capture a tiny bit of the energies you feel while there.

Music: Wo Fat

Edit/Mix: Mike Tubbs
Executive Producer: Heather Tubbs

Exclusive Born Free 6 Interviews - Tonight!

During my two days at Born Free this year, I was able to sit down and talk with with a few individuals whom I think you'll be interested in.

Tonight! Be the first to hear the ChopperProphets Born Free 6 special. Hear interviews with @wargassernick, @crocustoms, @duaneballard, @atomictrent, @tomfugle, @large_hands_grant, and the winners of the Knucklehead giveaway! Podcast available in iTunes and on www.chopperprophets.com at 5pm (PST)! Comment, share, spread the good word!

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