October 31, 2015

Death in the Desert 2015

4 dudes who love riding motorcycles, have never met in person, and decide to ride and meet up at an Orthodox Christian monastery in the middle of Arizona... Yep. It was worth the trip.

October 4, 2015

Chopperprophets-S3E6 - Dave Polgreen

This interview is one that couldn't have come together as it did any other way. Dave and his family had just moved to California from Minnesota and were likely still unpacking when he came down to talk choppers and life with me. Dave is such an unassuming person. He is calm, easy to talk with, and has had some great experiences in life. These things made this interview a complete pleasure and I think you'll agree that Dave is one of those people that plays his cards close to chest but when he does show his hand, you walk away a better person.

Visit Dave at:
Web: The Wretched Hive
IG: @djp210

Music: Wo Fat - The Conjuring

Host/Producer: Mike Tubbs
Executive Producer: Heather Tubbs

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