November 28, 2013

Chopperprophets-S2E5 - Tony Dunn (Classic Cycles Inc.)

I met Tony for the first time through his daughter-in-law at the El Diablo Run Viewing Party in Orange, California directly following BornFree 4. It's funny sometimes how you can get a flash of something that hasn't happend, but have the feeling that it already has. Like meeting someone for the first time and having that feeling that you've met before. Anyway, that's how I felt when I met Tony. I stopped by the shop (Classic Cycles Inc.) to talk with him about being on the show and we ended up talking for over an hour. This isn't Tony's first lap around the track. He's seen some pretty wild things and lived through some things that would drive a sober man to drink, yet he's come through the other side with grace.

Web: Classic Cycles Inc.
IG: CCIMotorcycles

Storytime with Pops: Raised by the Club

Music: Mothership

Edits/Mix: Mike Tubbs
Executive Producer: Heather Tubbs


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