August 24, 2015

Chopperprophets-S3E1 - Tony Nguyen (LandSpeed Motorcycle Shop)

After the invited builder videos fade, the roar of the weekend events quiet, and the realities of riding a two wheeled deathtrap sets in, you realize that there are people out there who keep other peoples bikes on the road for them. They are the unsung heros that appear virtually out of nowhere with a tire, tube, or belt. They own a little known shop or space that puts food on the table and keeps the creditors at bay. They are guys on Tony Nguyen of LandSpeed Motorcycles in Foundtain Valley, Ca., and they rarely get credit for what they do. Tony is no stranger to the hustle of the moto world. He's a go getter who's got most of what he needs done by lunch time. He's quick on the draw and will come home with two barn finds before anyone was the wiser. Join me as I sit down with Tony and talk life and motos.

Web: LandSpeed Motorcycle Shop
IG: @LandSpeedMotocycleShop
Music: Wo Fat - The Conjuring

Host/Producer: Mike Tubbs
Executive Producer: Heather Tubbs

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