September 22, 2015

Chopperprophets-S3E5 -Keino Sasaki (Keino Cycles, NY)

A few words come to mind when I think of Keino, but one really stands out; Determined. Keino has lived a pretty incredible life not void of adventure or amazing opportunity. It takes guts to stare fear in the face, pack up everything you own, and move across the country for a single opportunity. It takes even more guts to leave your native land to pursue a dream in another. Sit down with Keino and I as we discuss life, loss, and the pursuits of a dreamer.

Keino Cycles
12 Van Dyke St.,
Brooklyn, NY 11231

IG: @Keinocycles
FB: Keino Cycles

Music: Wo Fat - The Conjuring

Host/Producer: Mike Tubbs
Executive Producer: Heather Tubbs

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